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Thank you for visiting Bigeyes.ca

Mailing address:
Suite 316 185-911 Yates Street
Victoria British Columbia
Phone: (250) 415-2063

Contact us: info@bigeyes.ca




Shipping Address for All Service and Repairs
BIG EYES Product Repair - Canada
2011 malaview ave west Sidney BC V8L 5X6
Repair and service phone: (250) 415 2063

All BIG EYES™ binoculars are covered by a one year warranty (from date of purchase) for problems due to manufacturing defects. Repair or exchange at our discretion.

Problems caused by accident or misuse, regardless of purchase date, shall be treated as "Out-of-Warranty Repair".

Warranty Repair Procedure-

Package the binocular to protect it during shipping.
Enclose a copy of the Sales Receipt in the box.
Enclose a note explaining the problem for repair department. Include your name, shipping address, phone number (required), and email address (optional).

Enclose payment for return shipping ($125 can - $85 us ). International customers may require more for shipping. Payment can be made by check, money order, or credit card. If paying by credit card, please include credit card number, name on card, billing address for card (if different from shipping address).

Out-of-Warranty Repair Procedure-
Follow same procedure as "Warranty Repair" above.



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